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Drop-off or mail-in quilting services - LEARN MORE

We offer a quick turn around with a very simple intake process. We charge $0.025/square inch which includes thread, bobbins and trimming. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

Changing the world, one quilt challenge at a time!
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    I love all the tips and tricks that we are learning! they are super helpful. I also love the positive vibes in the group! The world needs more quilting challenges!!! - Kelly H.

  • Image of Joyce B.

    My first online challenge and mystery quilt. I like Bradies demonstrations. Her sewing methods are slow and deliberate. I like seeing the care she takes with every step; showing us this is not a race, but a process to be enjoyed. - Joyce B.

  • Image of Brenda A.

    I appreciate concise instructions. What has surprised me is how relaxed I am, probably because I feel like I know what I am doing! - Brenda A.

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