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Block 22/50: Caution Block

Apr 03, 2019 3 comments

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  • Love to make your weekly blocks. Are you able to send me all the block designs that have beeb posted? Thank you

    Barb on

  • Love the blocks hope to be able to follow them all

    Kathy on

  • My mum used to quilt with a quilt sewing group and now that she has passed away I wanted to do what my mother did so I decided to join the quilt group to carry on just love it now and made some many friends but I am only a birginner quilter so I don’t know how to cut property yet but I will get their in time to come so when I go cut I have to ask for help from some ladies or they will cut it for me but I need to do a back to bacics quilt lesson so I know how to do some cutting and measuring we have a workshop this Saturday to make a different block which may lady friend cut my pieces for me ready for Saturday to see at our IPQ group

    Trina Davy on

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