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You will learn to use a longarm machine in our friendly, bright, spacious studio in South Edmonton! Our expert coaching is sure to have you confidently stitching on your very first quilt! We will walk you through every step of the process. We even provide Free Thread, Pre-wound Bobbins and a choice selection of Pantograph Designs with every rental!

You will need to take a 2hr certification class before you rent. After the class, rentals will cost $30/hr

You do NOT need to bring a quilt to the class. 

Every Rental Includes:
1. Free Glide thread & Pre-wound bobbins
2. Choice of Pantographs (easy-med-hard)
3. New needle with every session
4. Leadergrips (Easy Loading System)
5. Use of top-of-the-line APQS Machines
(stitch regulated, power fabric advance, hydraulic table lift, bliss drive system, quilt glide) It's like renting a Rolls-Royce. 
6. Expert Guidance and Confidence Coach

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