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How long does it take to make my t-shirt quilt? 
Right now, it's only about 4 weeks.

How do I know where to send the shirts for my t-shirt quilt? 
Once you place your order at Sparrow Studioz, ship us your shirts and we'll let you know when they arrive! 
Ship your shirts to:
Sparrow Studioz
3160 Parsons Rd.
Edmonton, AB
Ordering your t shirt quilt is as simple as 1-2-3 
1. Choose your desired quilt size from the drop down menu. 
2. Choose the color of backing you would like on your quilt. 
3. Send us the appropriate amount of t-shirts based on the quilt size. (Each shirt counts as one panel).

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  • Queen size 12 T-shirts + 2 t shirt shams. By July 17. Need prices & ideas

    Cat Freeland on

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