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Why we love Fireside

Feb 04, 2021 0 comments

Fireside is a polyester backing option that we love to use on quilts! It is 60" wide and so cozy and cuddly. Someone once called it "adult minky" and I think that's PERFECT. It is fuzzy like minky, but has a lower pile. Perfect for finishing baby quilts and couch quilts alike. 

My favourite part about it is how well the quilting shows up on the back. Let me show you some of my favourite customer quilts that were finished with Fireside. 

navy fireside backing

Fireside: Navy+Dark Grey, Design: Whisper
Quilting Tip: Since it is technically a knit fabric, Fireside is VERY stretchy from selvage to selvage. If you're going to be longarm quilting it, we recommend loading it with the selvage running vertically on the frame (60" width wise).
Explanation: If Fireside is loaded horizontally, rolling the backing tight will stretch out the backing. The quilt top will not be stretched, and will scrunch up when removed from the frame. This will make the quilt appear distorted (no thank you!) 
brown fireside backing
Fireside: Mocha, Design: Wave on Wave
Q: Do you use batting with Fireside?
A: I know it is nice and fluffy, but we definitely still recommend using batting. Without it, the quilt is quite flimsy. Fireside is also quite slippery on the back side so batting helps keep everything in place. 
yellow fireside backing
Fireside: Canary, Design: Loop the Loop
Q: Fireside is only 60" wide, can I piece it wider? 
A: Absolutely! You can piece fireside two pieces side by side to get 120" wide, but we also love diagonal piecing! This requires much less fabric than the traditional side by side. You can watch our piecing tutorial for diagonal piecing below. 
pink fireside backing
Design: Affection, Fireside: Pink
bright blue fireside backing
Fireside: Bright Blue, Design: Seamless
grey fireside backing
Fireside: Light Grey, Design: Aqua

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