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Let's face it, when it comes to beautiful quilting, feathers are the envy of a lot of quilters! Whether it be heirloom, modern, whimsical, fun, fancy or traditional feathers you are after, deciding which style to use totally depends on the quilt and your personal taste. 

If there is one thing we know for sure, more than one style will work on your quilt. All you have to decide is what method of quilting you want to use to accomplish those feathers. We recommend all our new longarm renters start with a pantograph design.  

The good news is that Feather Pantographs make feather designs easy and more importantly, consitent. No matter what your skill level on a midarm or longarm quilting machine, pantographs are an easy way to get predictable results. Once our renters have mastered a couple beginner pantographs, they are totally confident and ready to jump into feathers. At first, we find our renters have a certain amount of hesitation trying to decide which style of feathers to use on their quilts. After a short discussion, we can usually find the perfect design. 

How do we choose a design?

Our renters are constantly asking which feather panto we think will look best on their quilt. These are the questions we ask before starting the search for the perfect pantograph

1. How busy is your quilt top?

The first thing we look at is how busy your quilt is. If your fabric choices are all really "busy", the chances of actually seeing the design on your quilt are slim. In this case, we would recommend not wasting the time on a dense feather design as the time investment will be wasted especially if you can't see it on the quilt. Unless...

2. Do you have a solid Backing Fabric?

One instance where we would recommend an advanced feather pantograph is when our renter chooses a solid backing fabric where the stitching will definitely show. This is the perfect opportunity to create an awesome double sided quilt! Feathers add such beautiful texture, you won't be disapointed.

3. Who is the quilt for?

As quilters, we love to give our quilts away.  The best part is, we very rarely make a quilt for another quilter. Do you see where I am going with this? If the receiver of the quilt is not a quilter, will they really appreciate the extra time you want to spend on the quilting?  Don't get us wrong, we LOVE intricate quilting but keep in mind how it will be cared for  before adding the extra expense. 

Is the quilt for you? Do you love feathers? If yes, let's go back to #1 and make sure the quilt isn't too busy. Now that we know the design will actually show on your quilt, let's decide which style of feather will work best.

4. What style of feather will look best on your quilt?

When it comes to choosing a feather design, we recommend you first look at the style of your quilt top to decide which type of feather best suits your needs. Once you know what style of feather you are after, your search for the perfect pantograph can begin.  If you are quilting for others, it's good to have several styles of feathers on hand for your customers to see. 

5. What feather pantographs should I have in my arsenal?

Here is a list of our favourite pantograph in each category. We recommend new longarm quilters own at least one feather design from each category. That's a really small investment to know that no feather request will ever go unfulfilled. 

Whimsical Feathers

Feathers with a twist by Hermione Agee

Elegant Feathers

Deja Vu by Patricia E. Ritter and Valerie Smith

Traditional Feathers

Magenta by Patricia E. Ritter and Tracey Russell

Fancy Feathers

Wandering Feathers by Patricia E. Ritter

Modern Feathers

Arcadia by Patricia E. Ritter

Here is a link to the pantograph in the main banner for this post. It stitches really fast and covers a lot of space.  

 We've put together a Feather Pantograph Starter Pack with Free Shipping.

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