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We've had SO many questions about the Felted Wool Pressing Mats. So I thought I'd give you an overview of what we think of them, and why everyone thinks they're so great!

1. The wool pressing mat is very dense, and this creates a firm pressing surface to keep your seams and ironed items crisp.

2. Fire and Heat Resistant - The wool mats do not absorb the heat/steam from the iron, so the applied heat bounces back onto the bottom of your fabric, and it is like pressing from the top and bottom at the same time (yay efficiency!) 

3. No heat transfer through the pressing surface. This means you can iron on cutting mats and delicate surfaces that are normally not ideal for pressing.

4. The fibrous material allows you to put pins into it. This is ideal for blocking knitting projects, or laying out complicated blocks that you want to transport.

5. The wool is already felted! This means no liquid damage (safe for starch sprays, or water/steam!) This also means the mats are washable.

6. The natural wool fibre is grippy, and keeps fabric where you put it.

Check out this video to see a breakdown of the benefits of the Wool Pressing Mats, and a side by side comparison of a normal cutting mat vs. the wool pressing mat. 


Check our our awesome Wool Pressing Mat selection here: 

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  • I love how well you explain things in your videos. I just ordered one.

    Karen Hough on

  • I have a little wool pressing mat but would like to get a bigger one some time.

    Joyce Holmes Raschkow on

  • These look like they would be so helpful. I want one!

    Kay Doty on

  • Thank you for explanation and demo. Had heard of wool mat but did not know advantages

    Jenny on

  • I think the wool mat looks like a great solution to flat pressing.

    Melody on

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