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Please read over all instructions before you begin.

To make this quilt you will need:

Red Border Fabric - 2 yards

Cut into 16 strips 4.5 inch wide. Subcut into 80 Red Diamonds 

Assorted Centre Taupes/Creams - 3 1/4 yards

Cut into 26 strips 4.5 inches wide. Subcut into 130 Light Diamonds

Use the diamond cutting method demonstrated by Bradie here.

 or cut all diamonds to measure: 

6 3/8 on all four sides with 45 degree angles top and bottom.


Sew two red diamonds together. Make 36 pairs total for borders.

Set aside two pairs for top let corner and bottom right corner of the quilt. These will each need a third red diamond attached.

To finish the two corners, add a single diamond onto the middle of the row as shown in photo below.

The entire outer edge of the quilt will be jagged from the diamonds as shown in the photo above.

Sew lights together in strips. I like to sew them into pairs then build my strips sets from there. Diamonds will not have square lined up edges. Line them up for sewing as shown below. There will be a tiny triangle 'hanging off' either end of the seam.


Also note the pressed open seam allowance!

Create the following strip sets:

7 X 11 light diamonds

2 x 9 light diamonds

2 X 7 light diamonds

2 X 5 light diamonds

2 X 3 light diamonds

2 X single light diamond

Add a pair of red diamonds to the end of every strip. Shown below is 11 lights with a pair of red on either end.

Stitch the 7X11 strips to each other to create the centre of the quilt. Section 2 in the photo below.


Joining rows of diamonds is different than joining squares. The seams intersect on a different angle.

Align the rows as shown in the picture below:

Note the little 'ears' created by the seam allowance.


When I peel back the top layer I can see the position of the lower fabric seam. The goal is to have these lines cross 1/4 inch from edge of fabric. When you stitch your  quarter inch seam, everything will line up and your points should match.

I like to pin to keep it all in place. 


The top and bottom of the rows will look jagged like the picture below.



Now to assemble the corner pieces, sections 1 and 3.

Sort the remaining rows into two piles, one of each size. Join them in descending order, ending with the red border corners you built at the beginning. The sides of the quilt will be jagged like the picture below:

Once you have created the three main sections, join them together referencing the numbered photo abov. I trimmed my outer edge a quarter inch outside of the inner points on all four sides. This quilt was quilted free hand onto a natural colour fireside fabric with Hobbs 80/20 batting. Both Matt and Landen did some free motion quilting on it.


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