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This method of cutting diamonds is how I cut out all the diamonds for my Diamond quilt in the previous post. You may use this method to cut any size of diamonds using the strip cutting rulers shown. The diamonds in this example were cut from 4.5 inch wide strips. 


To begin cut a strip of fabric 4.5 inches wide. I used my 6 inch strip cutting ruler and left the fabric folded in half to yield two diamonds with each cut.

Next step is to use the 4.5 inch subcutting ruler. Line it up on the selvage end of the strip you are cutting. Keep the lowest end of the angle ruler as close to the selvage end as possible.

Trim away the selvage end and put in your scrap bin. Line up the centre marking line on the ruler slider with the diamond marking.

Place the ruler over the strip and align the slider with the point of the fabric. Cut on the angled edge.


Move the ruler up the strip to cut a second set of diamonds.

My selvage was so big I was unable to cut a fifth diamond from these rows. You will be able to squeeze in one more diamond. Press the crease well before cutting.

Now you can cut out all the diamonds you need for Bradie's Diamond Quilt!



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