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Have you ever been interested in English Paper Piecing? I typically don't have the patience for hand work however when the kids are at Tae Kwon Do it is nice to have a little something to keep me busy. So I picked up some hexagon templates and stabilizer and got started! Below is a step by step method to show you the steps I followed.


Choose two templates, an inch apart in size. If I had access to templates with half inch difference, I would have used those. My seam allowance is large here but could be reduced to a quarter inch. Cut equal amounts of each, use the smaller size for your stabilizer, the larger size for fabric. 

My stabilizer here is Heat and Bond printable foundation sheets. Next I will try a different lightweight stabilizer which was recommended to me by a local teacher. Centre the stabilizer hexagon on the back side of the fabric hexagon. I centered the swan design which made a slightly larger seam allowance on one side.



Next I pressed the edges of the fabric towards the stabilizer to create the seam allowance. I used my iron and my rotating press pad, what a handy tool for this job!


Once you have prepared several hexagons you can begin stitching them together. I used a piece of thread approx 20 inches long. I used aurifil thread for this and a hand stitching needle. Below you can see my tiny whip stitches. I am working on making them a little shorter still. I am averaging 9-11 stitches along each edge. I also triple stitch the first and last stitch of each side.


Below you can see my stitching from the top. This is why I am aiming for smaller stitches. :) 

I have since decided to plan the layout a little bit. I will keep a darker centre for each group and surround each centre with two alternating colours. Or maybe one colour. haha I guess we will all see soon! I have lots more cutting to do!


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