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Bradie's French General Diamonds Quilt

Bradie's French General Diamonds Quilt

  Please read over all instructions before you begin. To make this quilt you will need: Red Border Fabric - 2 yards Cut into 16 strips 4.5 inch wide. Subcut into 80 Red Diamonds  Assorted Centre Taupes/Creams - 3 1/4 yards Cut into 26 strips 4.5 inches wide. Subcut into 130 Light Diamonds Use the diamond cutting method demonstrated by Bradie here.  or cut all diamonds to measure:  6 3/8 on all four sides with 45 degree angles top and bottom.   Sew two red diamonds together. Make 36 pairs total for borders. Set aside two pairs for top let corner...

Apr 20, 2018

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