*No Clamps! *No Magnets! *No Suctions Cups! *No Sticky Residue!
*Rubber strip on the back Holds Your Seam Allowance in Place on Metal, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic and even FABRIC!
*Releases with the Gentle, Consistent Pressure...Just lift from Beveled End!
*Clean with WARM soapy water or a multi-surface cleaner & rinse with water when 'Linty'
*Tested to Last for Hundreds, perhaps even a Thousand Placements!

*Can be molded to fit over curved surfaces...just bend it, hold it & it holds its shape!

New Student Edition Package - Ideal Seam Guide
Ideal Quilt Guide 8 inch
Ideal Seam Gauge
Ideal Quilt Guide 15 Inch
Ideal Seam Guide - 10 inch
Ideal Seam Guide 5 inch Featherweight Ed.
Ideal Seam Guide Kit
Ideal Seam Guide - 15 inch