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APQS Longarm Quilting Machines

All APQS Machines are hand built in Carrol Iowa and shipped directly to your door. Your local APQS dealer would be happy to help you shop for the perfect longarm. Did you know that all APQS Dealers are professional longarm quilters with a wealth of information to help you get started on your longarm journey in the shortest time possible. 

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Questions? Contact us! 



At Sparrow Quilt Co. we've been playing matchmaker for years. We've helped hundreds of quilters find the perfect longarm for their budget and quilting style. If you have a few minutes, we would love to help answer all your questions and narrow down your search so you buy the perfect longarm for YOU the very first time. Give us a call today (780)463-4242.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have, accommodate a test drive, discuss running a longarm business, explain the order process or show you how easy our machines are to use and maintain.

We sell APQS Machines to customers all over the world and have had tremendous success helping them become proficient in the shortest time possible. This is one purchase you will not regret! Let us help make that longarm dream a reality! email


It’s easy to choose the APQS machine that best fits your needs. Call and talk to us today. Explore our literatureforumsvideos, models and features to select the longarm that’s right for you. Visit our Edmonton or St. Albert showrooms or your local APQS retailer to experience an APQS longarm for yourself.

$20,900 USD

$18,900 USD

$17,900 USD

$12,900 USD

$10,900 USD

$8,900 USD

$6,900 USD

$9,500 USD

Only $1,000 for optional Bliss Track System Upgrade – Available on all Deluxe and Standard frames.

Sparrow Quilt Co. proudly supports the APQS Dealer Network across Canada. 

Please shop local and support your local dealer :)

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