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T-Shirt Quilts


Turn your t-shirts into a memory quilt


Bring those t-shirts out of hiding & create a treasured keepsake!  Help Create Canadian jobs with our Made-in-Canada T-Shirt Quilts!

Let us create a t-shirt quilt out of your favourite t-shirts. Upcycle those memories into a cozy keepsake that's sure to bring back those awesome memories time and again. Do you have a pile of concert shirts, a bag of sports team shirts, hoards of festival shirts, high school band shirts or any t-shirts with some great memories attached to them. Let us help you turn them into something truly special.  

Support the Canadian economy by shopping with us. 

Every T-Shirt quilt ordered helps support living wage jobs right here at home. Your made for you quilt will be assembled in Edmonton, AB and shipped to you to enjoy for many years to come. The entire process only takes a couple weeks. Sparrow Quilt Co. is a family run quilting business in Edmonton, Alberta. 

How long does the process take? 

Right now, it's only about 4 weeks. 

How do I know where to send the shirts for my t-shirt quilt?

Once you place your order with us, either drop off or ship your t-shirts to: 

Sparrow Quilt Co. 

3160 Parsons Rd.

Edmonton, AB



Ordering your t shirt quilt is as easy as 1-2-3 

1. Choose your desired quilt size from the choices below. 

2. Choose the color of backing you would like on your quilt. 

3. Send/bring us the appropriate amount of t-shirts based on the quilt size you selected. (Each shirt counts as one panel). 

How many t-shirts do I need?

Each shirt is one panel. If you want us to use the back as well, each shirt makes two panels. 

24 Panels - 4' x 6' quilt

30 Panels - 5' x 6' quilt

49 Panels - 7' x 7' quilt

64 Panels - 8' x 8' quilt

Can I order now, and send my t-shirts to you at a later date? 

Yes, when you place your order, you can take 3 months to send us your t-shirts, but can always ask for an extension. 

Why are your t-shirt quilts so affordable? 

We aren't making traditional quilts with batting, interfacing, binding and top stitching (which we are experts at by the way). We've been in the traditional quilt making business for nearly a decade but we've found a better way to assemble your memory quilt. We sew all your panels together and then back it with Beautiful Soft Fleece. Our t-shirt quilts hold up better in the wash making them extremely durable. We want you to enjoy your t-shirt memories for years and year to come. Quality is our goal with every quilt we make.

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